Effects of Listening to Classical Music

There is no shortage of places to listen to music. You can purchase subscriptions to any venue of music. You can get it on line or from satellite or on cable or YouTube or purchase CDs or download MP3s or you can go to the local department store. Music is piped everywhere. If you are put on hold on your phone you are going to hear music. If you go to a public restroom you are going to hear music. There is hardly any place that you can go that you will not hear some kind of music. My question is: Why don’t we hear more classical music? It has been shown over and over that the effects of listening to classical music are all positive. This can be contrasted to other styles of music which will vary from alright to downright vulgar and degrading to any human being.

What about non-classical music?

Non-classical music may range from folk songs to hip-hop to blues to jazz, rock and roll, bebop, punk, heavy metal, soul, and it goes on and on. All popular types of music have their on purpose. Almost all have some part of entertainment. Some are aimed at social injustice. Some are just for specticle. All try to attract by putting on a show. Few if any are produced to bring about a bettering or lifting up of the listener. Almost all are for the financial benefit of the promoter and the performer not for the betterment of the consumer. In fact, the truth of the matter is that the consumer of said “music” is being taken advantage of and manipulated to extract as much money as possible from him or her. In the end the consumer is neither bettered financially, socially, mentally, emotionally or spiritually.

Society itself is not benefited by these forms of music as a whole. Within individual forms of music there may be works that are of benefit for the good of many and maybe for society. But as a whole, very few forms of music can claim to be a support to any society that promotes well-being for all its members.

Styles of music that benefit society

There are some styles of music other than classical that are of benefit to society. Folk music has been an avenue of carrying on traditions of societies that have grounded them in lifestyles that are clean and wholesome and virtuous in their form and knowledge. These folk songs and music exalt virtue rather than debauchery and vulgarity. They exalt Godliness and goodness. The good is emphasized rather than the sinfulness of man.

Music of a soothing nature is always a welcome thing. This is often referred to as easy listening music. It is often calming and relaxing if one has been through a period of nonstop performance and producing things on a time schedule. Just to relax and hear pleasant music is always good. Included in this type of music can always be found classical music of some type though it does not necessarily have to be considered classical music to be easy listening.

There are sometimes songs or music that is indigenous to groups or schools or nations that are uplifting and encouraging. Take for instance, national anthems, school Alma maters, fraternal order songs, or military theme songs and so on. They serve to bond people together. These all have their purpose and that is good.

What about classical music?

It is probably called classical music because it has stood the test of time. But why and how has it stood the test of time? What has enabled it to still be a viable music when thousands and thousands of musical compositions have come and gone and are coming and going every day? There must be something about it that sets it apart from normal everyday fodder called music which is here today and gone and forgotten tomorrow, well, maybe not tomorrow, but the next generation.

It is classical because it HAS STOOD the test of time. There were many composers during the time of Mozart, one in particular was considered a very good composer. His name was Salieri. You probably can not name one of his works from that time, but you could probably name several works of Mozart or at least hum a few bars. That is kind of what makes them classical. There is something about the music that it transcends time and communicates to society no matter what century they may be in. Music that is written merely to appeal to the senses, no matter the style, will not measure up to the definition of classical music.

What makes it transcend time?

Music which transcends time speaks not only to the senses, it speaks to the very spirit of humankind. If you are of the persuasion that human beings are evolved from lower forms, you will never really comprehend the real depth of classical music. I am not saying you can not appreciate it, but that you can not fully appreciate it. There are things about classical music such as J.S. Bach’s which still marvel mathematicians as to the mathematical precision of his layout and musical presentation. To them it is mathematically perfect. Still, that is not all that there is to Bach’s compositions.

True classical music presents such balance and symmetry that it communicates to the spirit that is in every person. Classical music brings out that which is good and desires beauty and symmetry and balance. These are qualities which were built into the original “very good” creation that The Creator established in the beginning. Classical music communicates the spirit of man with the Spirit of the Creator. That is what enables it to transcend time.


Though there are many good effects of listening to classical music, the one that sets this music above all others is that it begins a communication with the One Who is the Classical of all classical composers, the Creator of the universe.

No other style of music is designed to do that. Other styles strive only for temporary goals. Classical music strives to attain eternal goals.

The best effect of listening to classical music is that it awakens the eternal spark in the human heart.

Begin your journey to eternity by listening to some great classical music today.





4 Replies to “Effects of Listening to Classical Music”

  1. I agree, classical music tends to transcend time. It is timeless and brings together people in a unique way. It can create genuine connections between people of different ages, backgrounds, origins and more.

    In addition, classical music also serves as a mirror, reflecting the state of society and the world it was created in. Thanks for writing about this.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I would look forward to getting to know more about you and your interest in great music. Feel free to visit theartsong.com from time to time as I add new blogs regularly.

      God bless you.

  2. Very bold stance on music. Most people will get defensive about “their” music but can not honestly say that it makes them a better person.
    Most of the mainstream music does focus on vulgarity and worldly possessions and doing stuff that just isn’t good for you.
    I am a fan of music that carries a real message. I also enjoy classical music and especially the instrumentals. The music has a voice of its own and because there are no singers, the music has to talk to you and be captivating all by itself.

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